What is Salvage?

Retail store chains need an outlet for their merchandise that they can't sell in their store- so instead of trying to sell it retail, some sell it out to wholesale dealers as salvage. Salvage merchandise is merchandise that has been exchanged, returned, or shelf-pulled for any reason. It is sold "as is" and loads could consist of:

New Merchandise
Clearanced Merchandise
Returned Merchandise
Shelf Pull Merchandise

Now what does this mean to you?
If you buy and resell, or have been wanting to make some extra money, this could be the business opportunity for you. Millions of people are making money at buying and reselling merchandise- whether it be out of your car, through your home, at a Flea Market, at an Auction, or even your own Retail store. We have one customer who mentioned their "boom boxes" (that they were going to sell on the weekend) at their regular work and "presold" their electronics before they even came and got them! That's just the tip of the iceberg. You can be making money and working for yourself too. This is not a get rich overnight business. It takes time, work and dedication, but can be very rewarding.

How do I get started?
First you need to check and comply with your local and state laws. Which means if you plan to resell, you'll need to get a sales tax number.

To find out what's involved in obtaining a sales tax number contact your State Tax Commission (also known as the Department of Revenue)- their phone number can be found in the white pages and most cities have a branch office. Look in your phone book under your state- ie. "SC, State of" or just do a search on the net.

Once you have your sales tax number, fax it to us (803-643-0801).

For our truckload buyers, payment is accepted through bank wire only.

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Thank you for taking the time to read all of this information.
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